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If you didn’t know it, there is a difference between the Craigslist NY City website and the Craigslist New York state website. The main difference is that there really isn’t a CL New York state site. While there is a page that lists all the craigslist sub-domains for NY state, there isn’t a page that has ads on it for the state. No big deal, because the page listing all the subdomains will get you to the 20 sites that make up the NY Craigslist network.

Now that we have that cleared up, the Craigslist NY City website is the most visited single CL domain in the whole classifieds empire that Craigs List sites take up. More that 800,000 people search for Craigslist NY every month and more than 2o million people visit CL sites with more than, are you ready for this stat, 7 billion page views every month. That is an astounding 230 million page views each and every single day and CL NY gets probably 20 to 25% of all that traffic. That’s just a guess by the way.

But you don’t want to hear about statistics, you want to hear about ads, right? Well, if it is ads you want there there are thousands and thousands of them posted in hundreds of categories on the Craigslist NY City website every day. If you are looking for antiques then there have been 100 ads posted as of this morning. If you are looking for collectibles (there is a difference between antiques and collectibles, but don’t ask me what it is) then there are about 130 ads that have been posted as of this morning, and that’s the way it goes for just about every category on Craigs List.

Add all that up and multiply is by about 200 or so categories in housing, for sale, jobs, discussion forums, personals, community, services and more and you begin to see the potential of getting exactly what you want in the classified ads department. It’s pretty obvious you don’t need to waste your time with newspaper classified ads any longer. You can even search amongst the thousands of ads you see at CL, something you could never do with the want ads in the paper.

Check it out, find the great stuff you want on Craigslist NY City today.

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