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Did you know that the Craigslist NY classified ads site is the most visited of all the Craigslist domains? Well it is and that’s probably because of the huge population center the state of New York and the city supports. There are almost 19 million people in New York in a fairly small, as opposed to say California that has a lot more people than NY, geographical area.

That’s all great, but what kind of ads are we going to see on the Craigslist NY website? Well, if you even remember that days when the newspaper classifieds were a big thing (they aren’t any more) and you used to grab especially the Sunday paper because that was the one with all the ads and when most people wanted their ads to start, then Craigslist is exactly like that only way better. The reason it is way better than the old newspaper classifieds is that there are a ton more categories and you can search through thousands of ads to easily find exactly what you are looking for. Try doing that with a newspaper.

However, probably the best feature of Craigslist NY and all the other Craigs List sites is that if you want to list an ad, you can do it for free. That’s right, no matter what you have to sell or even if you are just having a garage sale, you can place an ad for absolutely nothing. And you can place as many ads as you want, just don’t over do it because you may get your account banned for spamming. Just place ads on stuff you want to sell or stuff you are looking for and you will be fine.

You won’t find a place anywhere online, or even offline for that matter, that has more deals and great prices than on Craigslist. For example, on the Craigslist NY cars and trucks category under the main For Sale category as of 10:00 AM the day of this post there are more than, are you ready for this, 2,000 ads listed to automobiles. Is that incredible or what? Where else in the world are you going to have that variety of cars to search for with pictures and all that are in your immediate area?

Another popular category that thousands or people frequent today especially is the Jobs section. he reason this category is so popular is pretty obvious with today’s economic climate when so many people are out of work. But you know what, yes there are lots of people out of work, but there are also thousands of ads placed by businesses and individuals that are looking for people to fill positions with them. I mean, just yesterday there were more than 1,400 ads posted in the main jobs category. Doesn’t that tell you there is still a lot of opportunity out there?

Really man, if you aren’t shopping the Craigslist NY classified ads you are missing out on a lot of stuff for sale and bargains you won’t find anywhere else and maybe your next career or employment opportunity. Don’t miss the action.

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